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Watercolor Blues

Watercolor Blues are a unique breeding project that started with a special hen. At three years old, we had a hen that was consistently laying a light blue egg nearly every day. Hoping to hold on to those genetics, a special project began.


Our goal with this breeding project is to create prolific and long time layers of reliably blue eggs. A large percentage of the genetic pool is Ameraucana, but other breeds have been bred in to maintain a high egg production rate.  At this point in the project, vigor and production are prioritized over maintaining a particular breed type. The chickens themselves will be blue or splash colored and may be fibro-melanistic. Our 2023 breeding pen will produce chicks guaranteed to lay blue eggs. The shade of blue will be dependent on the number of copies of the blue egg gene the offspring inherit. Our special hen is still with us and still laying. You are very likely to receive some of her direct offspring in 2023's breeding season. 


Watercolor blues are efficient, thrifty, and active foragers. While they likely won't be your next lap chicken, their active energy would make them a good choice for someone who wants to free range their flock. They are tough birds and we have often joked that they will survive the apocolapse! They are a sweet addition to a mixed flock.

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