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We're so glad you're here!

Without you, we wouldn't be a farm. We would just that place near Linden, NC with a lot of birds!


Instead, because of you're support our family is blessed to be working to leave our land better than we found it through "regenerative farming". We are a small,  family-owned pasture based breeder of rare breed poultry for the homestead or backyard.

Our Story

Horses were our family's first love. After 16 years managing them with traditional management methods, we had problems. The pastures were degraded and weedy. If you can imagine a large patch of thistles and bare soil, you have a pretty accurate image of our hideous pasture. While looking for answers, we discovered regenerative agriculture, a system of practices that rotates a variety animals and plants to build and rejuvenate soil and pasture. If you're a farmer or "grass nerd" like we've become, you can read more of the details of that story in our blog article coming soon. 


If you're looking for the short answer, BIRDS became an important piece of solving the problem of soil fertility and parasite loads.

ENTER chickens.

Our first flock of chickens arrived here on the farm as a management tool, but it wasn't the dream experience I had in my head. Several attacks on the kids and three aggressive roosters later, I had been through a crash course on the importance of GENETICS. 

It costs just as much to feed a barnyard mix as it does to feed a bird with predictable temperament, performance, and type. Not wanting to compromise on temperament for my young children's safety or performance and efficiency for our farm, we dedicated ourselves to breeding quality heritage breeds. 


Thoughts on Breeding

We limit our breed offerings and each breed we offer has been hand selected to fulfill a niche on our farm. We've traveled and shipped in bloodlines from all over the United States. Keeping extensive notes on vigor (health), egg production, egg shell quality, foraging ability, weight, breed type, among many other data points allows us to make wise breeding pen choices every spring. In 2022, we began showing and exhibiting some of our birds to bring awareness to our breeds and receive feedback on our breeding program. We've shared some of our notes in our breed profiles and I hope you will find them helpful. 

We are grateful to have the opportunity to share our birds with you,

Elizabeth, Andrew, Austin, and Savannah


There's no such thing as stupid question around here. Send us an e-mail or message through our Facebook page and we will be happy to answer it.

As we are often busy with animals on the farm and raising kids, there may be a short delay in our response. Thank you so much for your understanding!

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