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Breed List

About Our Breeding Program

All of our poultry and waterfowl go through an extensive selection process before individuals make thier way into a breeding pen. While it would be possible to give you a novel on the subject, here are the three core pillars of our breeding program:



Vigor, or the ability to survive and thrive in our environment comes before all other characteristics. Birds that thrive and reproduce themselves at a high rate provide us plenty of individuals to pick from for breeding. Disease resistance, predator awareness, and foraging ability are all part of our definition of vigor. Vigor provides the foundation of sustainability and breed preservation.

Breed Type

We use the American Poultry Association's Standard of Perfection as our guide. The "SOP" describes breeds in detail to create a "standard" by which every breeder strives to reach. This ensures that all of us breeders are working to preserve the characteristics that make these breeds unique and capable of thriving in the regions they originated from.


It may seem strange to place production at the end. However, production is supported by both vigor and breed type. We are always tracking our egg laying and dress out weights to be sure we are meeting the standard for good quality dual purpose breeds that we raise. To date, I am extremely pleased with where are breeds are. You can find more detailed production information in the breed profiles. 

I am happy to discuss our breeds with you and help you find a good fit for your flock goals, whether that's a healthy backyard flock or exhibition and breeding. Reaching out through our farm page on Facebook is the fastest way to do so.


God bless your flock and farm,



Chick and hatching egg information can be found here.



Sebastopol geese in a pool


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