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Olive Eggers

olive egger hen.jpg

Our Olive Eggers are a variation of Easter Egger that is guaranteed to lay dark, or olive green eggs. "Easter Eggers" is a term to describe any cross that may lay colored eggs. We choose our crosses carefully to insure the egg color the offspring lays is predictable.


Our Olive Eggers are Ameraucana X Birchen Marans crosses. The Maran side of the cross typically passes on great, thick egg shell quality and often a heavy bloom. The eggs in the photo on the left are an example of the color with a thick bloom left intact. The breeding pen in 2023 will produce 100% splash colored hens who will lay medium to very dark olive eggs. We often get speckling from the pure Birchen Marans, so there is a very good chance of speckling to pass on in this cross.


The offspring from this cross while never flighty or nervous, has been active, curious, and busy!  

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