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Green Eggers

green egger.jpg

Our "Green Eggers" are a variation of Easter Egger that is guaranteed to lay light green eggs. "Easter Eggers" is a term to describe any cross that may lay colored eggs. We choose our crosses carefully to insure the egg color the offspring lays is predictable.


Our "Green Eggers" are Ameraucana X Australorp crosses. The Australorp crosses in nicely to add size and a calmer temperament than a traditional Ameraucana. Australorps also carry a heavy bloom on their eggs and the offspring from this cross often lay light green eggs with white speckles. The breeding pen in 2023 will produce 100% blue hens that range from light blue to very dark. 


While Ameraucanas have the reputation for being more flighty, this breed combination is typically more sensible and calm. We tried the cross for the first time in our 2022 personal hatches. We are so pleased with the production and temperament of the offspring that we will be hatching more in 2023. 

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