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Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

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Chicks and Hatching Eggs

Chicks and hatching eggs are available seasonally by reservation. We do ship hatching eggs. We are NPIP/AI clean (NC Flock #55-1701) and personally tested MG/MS clean through Rollins Lab.

About Blue Laced Red Wyandottes

A hardy dual purpose breed, these are absolutely some of the calmest and friendly breeds we own. They are good layers of medium to large cream colored eggs and are beginner keeper and small child friendly.  

Our Flock and Breeding

We brought in our original birds in from Pennsylvania where their breeder had been working on them for 10 years, making them one of the oldest bloodlines in the US. We breed toward the proposed breed standard and breed for dark, mahogany red coloring with clean, pigeon blue lacing. We also look for very wide, deep bodied birds with exceptional type to retain the cold-hardy traits of this bird. Just like our other "blue" birds, BLRW do not breed true and chicks will come in three different shades- black, blue, and splash. Our chicks are sold as "straight run" for color and you will likely receive all three color variations in your order. Our 2024 breeding pens will yield a higher percentage of blues and blacks. As a younger variety, this breed needs continued work to make them competitive in the exhibition hall.


Personality has a strong connection to bloodline. While not necessarily our primary goal when we chose him, a young cockerel we used 2023 produced many offspring with "lap chicken" type personalities with surprising consistency. This variety would be a wonderful choice for beginner keepers or families with young children. Both males and females are gentle and inquisitive. Males are calm and easy on their hens. They don't require large numbers of hens to be happy. Rarely do we have individuals that fly over our 4ft poultry fences. They are usually quite content to stay within and their fence to forage. This variety would also be an excellent choice for backyard owners who don't have a lot of space.

Breed Gallery
Birds here are shown at a variety of ages and stages of development. Wyandottes will have pattern and type changes through 18 months old.

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