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Black Australorps


We are one of the last breeders of Black Australorps in the US. If a sustainable source of meat and eggs is your goal, give them a look. Many breeds are classified as "dual purpose" breeds, but few meet data points that make them a true, economical dual purpose choice. Our Black Australorps (BAs) have a fast grow out time, mature early, and are good layers of large to extra pink/tan eggs. 


Of all our breeds, we have worked with them the longest. After a disappointing experience raising BAs from a large hatchery in our early days as a farm, we were fortunate to start over with birds from Peak Poultry and the Sustainable Poultry Network. They have worked for years to bring them to breed standard and meet production standards that make it the most economical dual purpose breed we raise. We've worked hard since to continue and build upon their work for this rare and important breed. Our flock has now been a closed genetic line for almost twenty years. Our genetics favor the meat production side of their dual purpose traits and are currently growing out larger than breed standard. Cockerels are ready for processing at 16 weeks and hens begin laying at 20-22 weeks. Hens average 4-5 eggs per week. This breed consistently holds the record here for the best hatch rate every year. 


Our Black Australorps are so easy to get along with and the children love them.  While tough and hardy, the hens are very gentle and sweet. The roosters are watchful for danger and have been some of our best flock protectors. The roosters do grow quite large and are best suited for flocks with other large breed hens.

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