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Watercolor Creek


Breeding Quality Poultry and Waterfowl

Regenerative Farming

Regeneration: The process of renewal and restoration. 

Farming for the improvement of our land, health of our animals, and restoration of your relationship with the community family farm. 

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The Hatchery

Our birds are an important tool on our farm for returning fertility to depleted soils. We are a small breeder of poultry and waterfowl, selectively breeding toward the perfect birds for the homestead or backyard setting. Fertile hatching eggs, chicks, and goslings from our birds are offered seasonally and can be shipped anywhere in the United States.


We take the health of our birds very seriously and voluntarily participate in a national disease testing program (NPIP/AI clean flock #55-1701). In March 2023, we personally tested clean MG and for MS through Rollins Lab. As our state, North Carolina, lacks the funds to test independent flocks for these additional diseases, we do not carry the MG/MS clean designation from our state.

*See the farm's Facebook page for the latest news and annoucements *

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Our Breeds

We don't offer every breed. We are very selective and each breed we have chosen has undergone years, sometimes decades, of selective breeding. We are dedicated to preserving the unique traits of each breed that make them capable of thriving in a homestead or backyard setting.

Pastured Eggs

We have eggs for baking and eating available year round. All of our hens are raised on rotated pasture, ensuring a fresh supply of forage. Their varied diet produces the most nutrient dense eggs possible, including 3 times more omega-3 fatty acids and 2 times more vitamin E than conventional store bought eggs. ​

Chicks and
Hatching Eggs

We ship eggs for hatching all over the United States. Due to post office delays, chicks are available for on farm pick up only. We look forward to a time we may be able to ship them and are monitoring shipping times.  

Hatching Eggs can now be orders in the Farm Store.

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